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Modern technology demands precision products with fine tolerances. There are professional precision engineering companies such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) that are ISO certified and well established with the latest CNC machines and qualified engineers and machinists. PPI today has customers from diverse industries. Included among these industries are aerospace and defense besides textiles and automotive sectors. PPI has the capabilities to produce precision parts for extrusion machines. These include aspirators and ceramic guides, idler rolls and texturizer jets besides interlacing jets and thread up tools.

PPI produces precision parts for extrusion machines of major manufacturers. These include Barmag parts and Fare parts, Filteco parts and parts for Mackie, Neumag, Plantex, Reiter and Sahm, STP/Impianti. PPI also manufactures parts for air entanglement machines and heat set and twisting machines. These include parts for Gilbos, Belmont, GVA and Superba among several others.

PPI has been manufacturing texturizer jets since 2000. These jets are for single step extruders of carpet face yarn besides automotive fabrics and upholstery. PPI has invested more than one million dollars in the latest machinery. This purchase includes exotic manufacturing equipment, a high precision coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and the X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) device for metallurgical analysis so that the best jets can be produced. All jets are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they comply with 35 critical features.

This stringent quality control program has ensured that jets with dimensional inaccuracies don’t reach the customers. Each jet is engraved with its own number. This number can be used to track the jet to its original measurements. Customers can therefore return these jets for the complete inspection report for a nominal fee. This check helps maximize jet life.

For Repair of Gearboxes, Contact a Professional Engineering Firm

There are leading precision engineering companies in the US such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) that have capable engineers and the latest CNC machines to manufacture high precision products for industries such as the aerospace, defense, automotive sector as well as textiles, food & beverage and medical among others. Other services available with PPI also include gearbox repair, melt pump refurbishment, EDM machining and current drilling besides extrusion barrel alignment using laser equipment.

In order to meet all these challenges, PPI has resources in terms of CNC milling machines and CNC high speed hard milling machines for high precision machining operations as well as CNC lathes for turning operations. PPI also has multi tasking machines for both milling and turning operations to be carried out simultaneously.

An ISO 9001 2008 certified company, PPI has been involved in gear box repair tasks since 1993. Today it has full capability to take on challenges of providing high precision parts for critical operations that include offering service on gear boxes up to 750kW. It also has the necessary resources to pick up your damaged gearbox in 2-4 hours to minimize your downtime. This service is available round the clock, right through the year. The company offers replacement gears up to 102” diameter and can heat treat or carburize as required.

For high precision machining operations, PPI has CNC milling machine like the Mazak and Fadal with which the company can machine not only metal but also hard plastics and urethane, nylon and Teflon as well as UHMWPE among others. The CNC milling process can produce most any 2D or 3D part for industries as mentioned earlier.

Buy Texturizer Jets and Other Extrusion Parts Online

Modern engineering is all about precision whether the industry is that of jet turbine fuel systems and aerospace or medical, food & beverage besides textiles and power generation. If it is the textiles industry, there are prominent precision engineering companies such as Precision Products Inc., (PPI) that manufacture large volumes of extrusion parts. These include parts such as aspirators and ceramic guides as well as texturizer jet and interlacing jets besides thread up tools among other parts.

PPI produces a long range of texturizer jets

PPI has been manufacturing extrusion die parts since 1993. This company has been a leader in machine parts for the largest extrusion companies in the carpet industry. Besides texturizer jets and interlacing jets, PPI produces a long range of extrusion die parts and these include distributors, funnel caps and breaker plates as well as spinnerets for some of the most well known extrusion lines. These include Barmag and Reiter, Filteco and Fare as well as Neumag and Plantex. PPI has the resources to make custom designed parts as required too.

PPI supports mono-filament, tape and staple fiber production in addition to BCF and CF nylon, polyester, PP and PET filament lines. All parts are 100% made in the USA and kept in a large stock in a wide range of inventory so that the needs of customers are met. The material selection is normally a stainless steel alloy that is durable but any other material can also be used to produce your product.

Today there are several online companies that market extrusion parts in large volumes in a wide range. These are either high quality staple extruder parts or CNC milled aluminum parts. You are likely to get some fine deals when you search the net. However, caution is advised to ensure that the manufacturing agency has the necessary resources in terms of infrastructure and professional capability before one places the order.

Hire ISO Certified Company for All your CNC Turning Tasks

There are several resources a precision engineering company will require today in order to meet the demands of the industry. Since the industries concerned are diverse, so are their demands complex and different. These industries can be as diverse as food & beverages and jet turbine fuel systems, defense and medical as well as aerospace and textiles or the automotive sector.

Leading precision engineering product manufacturers such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) possess resources that include CNC turning and machining capabilities besides EDM Machining and Current Drilling machines among others. Besides the capabilities of actual production, PPI has resources for metallurgical analysis and testing besides metrology equipment to ensure the correct accuracy levels.

cnc-turningTo meet the high standard in CNC turning required in products ordered by customers, PPI has appropriate CNC lathes such as the Hyundai CNC lathes to produce the high quality parts from its ISO certified process. PPI has been producing custom CNC and conventionally machined parts since 1993. It has fully trained staff of machinists and engineers that is capable of designing and producing new parts by reverse engineering.

With these machines, PPI is able to handle order sizes up to thousands of parts that may be required to meet your needs. PPI has a maximum machine capacity of 20” diameter and up to 37” between centers on its CNC lathes. The tolerance level is down to +/- 0.0003”. Industrial metrology is the science of measurement.

A precision engineering company must have the capability of precise measurement otherwise it will not be possible for a machine shop to produce precise parts. PPI has high precision metrology capability from two coordinate measuring machines. The larger one is the Zeiss Contura that offers scanning and reporting capability while the Brown and Sharpe Mistral is the other machine. Both machines are certified to an accuracy of 2 microns.

Professionals in CNC Turning and Industrial Metrology

Modern precision engineering demands the use of CNC machines for both milling and turning operations. Leaders in precision engineering such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) have resources not only for CNC turning and milling operations but also for EDM Machining and Current Drilling tasks. Since a fair amount of reverse engineering is involved, PPI has maintained an efficient laboratory for metallurgical analysis. Further, no precision engineering company can be sustained without accurate measurements. For this purpose PPI has an excellent resource in terms of industrial metrology.

Industrial  Metrology

To meet the demands of CNC turning, PPI has Hyundai CNC lathes that produce top quality parts from ISO 9001 2008 certified process. The company has been making both conventionally machined and CNC parts since 1993 with the help of fully trained staff of machinists and engineers. PPI is now capable of design and manufacture of new parts as well as carry out reverse engineering of existing parts with these resources. The capability includes not only the manufacture of a single part but also run up a production of a few hundreds and even thousands of parts in case needed. The maximum machine capacity of PPI is 20” diameter and up to 37” between centers on its lathes. The tolerances achieved are down to +/- 0.0003”.

Industrial metrology is the science of accurate measurement. PPI’s shop maintains its ISO certification with the help of two coordinate measuring machines. The larger of these is the Zeiss Contura that offers scanning technology as well as the capacity of reporting while comparing the part with either the tolerance sheet or the original part. PPI also has a Brown and Sharpe Mistral machine. Both these are calibrated and certified to an accuracy of 0.000080” or 2 microns.

Buy Barmag and Neumag Parts of Great Quality

Today’s engineering products are mostly precision parts requiring micronic tolerances. There are some premier manufacturers of precision engineering products such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) that is an ISO certified company with excellent resources. These resources include CNC machines such as not only for turning and milling but also for high speed hard milling and multi tasking. Besides these, PPI also has the capability of EDM machining and current drilling that enables the company to take on the commitment of orders from customers such as jet turbine fuel systems and aerospace. Today, PPI is among the top manufacturers of extrusion parts for the textiles industry. These parts include aspirators, ceramic guides, idler rolls and both interlacing and texturing jets as well as thread up tools. The parts made for extrusion machines include Barmag parts, Fare parts, Filteco parts and Neumag parts besides parts for Reiter, Sahm, Mackie and several other reputed companies.Quality Barmag Parts

Today it is possible for customers to visit the Internet, check out the parts one is interested to buy, compare the lists of products and the prices of products of interest, place an order and pay through secure methods for the parts to be delivered. All these activities can be completed very quickly. All you need to do is to decide on the list of Barmag parts you wish to buy from among parts for pump and extruder, guides, pulley/idler rolls and texturizer. Similarly, in the case of Neumag parts you may select from among parts for Neumag guides, pulley/idler roll, pump, texturizer and winders. However, before finalizing your orders it is wise to check the capabilities of the manufacturer and ensure the company’s standing in the field of precision engineering.

Hire Premier Precision Engineering Company for Melt Pump Repair

Precision engineering companies must meet the diverse requirements of the industry, whether its defense or textiles industry or the plastic or rubber extrusion industry or some other. Besides being able to produce precision products, the premier precision engineering company Precision Products Inc., (PPI) also has the required infrastructure and expertise to carry out melt pump repair. Melt pump or metering pump repair requires a fair amount of expertise.The company not only manufactures a large number of staple extruder parts but also offers the service of refurbishing precision gear driven melt pumps. Melt pump repair is critical because when a metering pump operates properly, the extrusion line generates a constant output. On the other hand, when the melt pump is faulty, you will have problems with the pressure and hence the output. PPI is one of the few companies in the US that can be entrusted with the repair and rebuilding of ultra high precision metering pumps.

PPI also has in-house metallurgical capabilities that allow the company to test the customer’s original gears by Non Destructive Testing (NDT) methods and duplicate them exactly. The has been directly involved with the extrusion industry since 1993. PPI also has the expertise and resources to produce new, high precision gears for melt pumps. It offers full machining of plates, besides other services that will get your extrusion line working just as efficiently as before. Finally, PPI rebuilds extrusion melt pumps from companies that include Barmag and Zenith besides Neumag and Slack among many others.