Supreme Quality Texturing Jets Available at Low Rates

In the textile industry, there is a large demand for extrusion parts. There are highly proficient manufacturers of precision extrusion parts such as Precision Products Inc., (PPI) which is one of the premier companies in this field. The firm manufacturers a range of extrusion parts that include aspirators, ceramic guides, idler rolls and both interlacing and texturing jets besides thread up tools among others.

A texturizer jet is used in single step extruders that helps in the manufacture of automotive fabrics and upholstery. The texturing jet is manufactured from an alloy that is stable and hard besides being heat treated. This material ensures that the jet has a long life so that downtime is reduced drastically. However, companies that manufacture these jets need to invest heavily on state-of-the-art machinery and equipment so that quality jets can be produced.

PPI has been producing texturing jets for single step extruders of carpet face yarn as well as for automotive fabrics and upholstery. The company has invested more than a million dollars in the latest machinery as discussed. The investment includes a high precision coordinate measuring machine (CMM) besides a X-ray Fluorescence device for the metallurgical analysis so that the best jets are produced.

Each texturizer jet produced by PPI is 100% inspected for compliance to 35 critical features. This level of quality control program has ensured that not even one of these jets has any dimensional inaccuracies. Each jet is engraved with its own serial number. This number can be used subsequently whenever there is a need to track a jet for its original measurements. Regular inspections of these jets also ensures maximization of jet life.

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Avail Supreme Quality Extrusion Parts from Reliable Vendors

All manufacturing units operate with an aim to achieve maximum production unit within the scheduled time frame. However, you never know when any of the machine at your facility shows signs of malfunctioning. Improper working of machines or their complete breakdown affects the productivity output from a facility to a large extent. However, it must be well understood that inferior quality machine parts are mostly responsible for low volumes of production. Besides leading to reduced productivity, low quality parts can also cause terrible accidents during work.

A risk-free and wiser approach therefore is to use genuine machine parts that are high on the quality aspect. Nowadays, these parts can be purchased via internet as well as several companies offer extrusion parts via their websites. Some of these companies also offer good discounts as well that makes it easier for you to avail the required parts within your budget. You just need to approach the right company for your machine parts requirements.

Buy Genuine Parts from Professional Engineering Company

Precision Products Inc., is a professional engineering company that provides premium grade extrusion parts at the most affordable rates. From them, you can have extrusion parts like aspirators, interlacing jets, idler rollers, thread up tools, ceramic guides etc. On a positive note, when such high quality is available at reduced price, there is hardly more left to think about. The renowned firm also offers a host of other services such as high precision machining, metering pump repair, gearbox repair, metallurgical analysis, heavy metal testing etc., at nominal rates.

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Premium Quality Aspirators Available at Reduced Rates

To choose from a complete range of yarn aspirators, you can simply look forward to Precision Products Inc. PPI offers a wide range of aspirators (both hand held & wall mounted) to global clients. You can use these aspirators for spinning a range of polymers including PP, Nylon, PET, PU, PVC, PVP, PE, PEG PTFE and a lot more.

Get High Quality Aspirators at Low Price

At PPI, every sucker gun is manufactured under strict quality control and so customers can rest  assured of the reliability aspect. Additionally, these are also low on price, much lower than the expensive European models, and so you can have a great deal by buying the same from PPI. Most of the offered Aspirator models cost in the range of $450-$850.

Prominent Features of Aspirators

From PPI, you can avail sucker guns in varying models. Aspirators in different tip materials and tube length are available and so you can have the models meeting your precise requirements. Also, any probability of aspirator damage is controlled by covering the aspirator tubes completely. Covering the tubes not only prevents damage to sucker gun but also to nearby equipment.

You can also get aspirators featuring an in-built cutting tip. Further, these aspirators can handle 50,000 total denier and maximum speeds up to 8,000 meters/minute, which is moreover dependent on the model. Besides top quality sucker guns, PPI also offers a wide range of products for the extrusion industry. Global clients can avail Idler rollers, Texturing jets, Interlacing jets, Thread up tools and a lot more from this engineering firm.

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Hire Specialists in Heavy Metal Testing and Melt Pump Repair

Engineering companies like Precision Products Inc (PPI) involved in the manufacture of precision products for different industries like aerospace and defense also undertake complex tasks such as melt pump repair, EDM machining and current drilling, laser measuring and extrusion barrel alignment, gearbox repair. PPI also carries out metallurgical analysis and heavy metal testing for global clients. PPI is fully established in terms of trained and experienced engineers and the right kind of machines and other equipment necessary to tackle such highly complex tasks.

PPI has the sophisticated and portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) equipment to carry out metallurgical analysis that will ensure that only the right material is used for the manufacture of products. This device has the capability to test virtually all metals and alloys within seconds to determine their exact content in a Non Destructive Test (NDT). PPI also has the necessary ISO certification and procedures for accurate documentation for all such testing. Heavy metal testing is carried out on metals and plastics in order to rule out the presence of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and other heavy metals in the tested pieces.

Melt pumps are essential for metering and pressure control. Melt pump repair becomes critical when the extrusion line does not generate a constant output indicating that the melt pump is unserviceable. This is a complex task and there are very few companies such as PPI that have the capability to undertake it. PPI has been carrying out melt pump repair for the last more than 20 years and so you can assign them the task without any tension.

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Quality Repair of Metering Pumps

Manufacturers of precision products such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) today produce a host of products for diverse sectors such as the aerospace and jet turbine fuel systems among many others. They also carry out metering pump repair, gearbox refurbishment and laser measuring and extrusion barrel alignment for the textiles sector. PPI also produces a very wide range of both the wall mounted and hand-held aspirators or sucker guns to meet global requirements. These suction or sucker guns are generally used in different extrusion applications in melt spun yarns in the textiles sector.

Basically, the melt pump or metering pump is responsible for the extrusion line’s generating a constant output. Metering pump repair requires highly technical skills that very few companies in the US such as PPI can carry out. PPI possesses excellent CNC and EDM machines as well as two coordinate measuring machines with the capability of an accuracy of 0.000080”. It also has a competent metallurgical analysis laboratory that can test your original gears by Non Destructive Testing and thereafter duplicate them to perfection. Due to these reasons PPI has been responsible for the refurbishment of extrusion melt pumps for top companies that include Barmag and Neumag.

The sucker guns are used in the spinning process for nylon and PP as well as PE and PET besides PVP and PU as well as many other forms of polymers. PPI has the capability to manufacture different models of sucker guns having different tube lengths and tip materials. The materials used for these sucker guns include both plain steel and tool steel. The various sucker guns on offer include 96-025 V4 Aspirator, 96-025 V2 Aspirator and 96-025 NV3 Aspirator among others.

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Ensure Accuracy in All Precision Engineering Tasks With EDM Drill

EDM Hole Popper is used to drill holes in a workpiece by passing discharge through a copper or brass electrode. The process involves erosion of the metal that is subjected to the arc produced between the workpiece and the electrode. The process speed can be pepped up by using high power, thereby increasing the accuracy as well. Due to quick turnaround time associated with this process, it has become highly popular for drilling small size holes in jet engine turbine blades and microscopic orifices in fuel system components.

Manufacturing of precision parts calls for precise measurement and accuracy while handling complex geometries. EDM Drill aids the purpose well by allowing metal removal in small quantity as per requirement. In this way, the technicians also gain control over the amount of drill needed to meet the exact design measurements for perfect machine parts. For all of your requirements related to microscopic drilling, you need to choose a suitable firm that can deliver the precision parts as per your requirements. Do remember to make prior considerations before hiring a firm for the same.

Hire a Professional Engineering Firm

You can rely on a professional engineering firm like Precision Products Inc., for availing high quality precision parts. Their production facility is well-equipped with EDM machines capable of providing extremely fine tolerances. Backed by such sturdy infrastructural capabilities, PPI caters to the hole popping requirements of a wide range of industries such as aerospace, textile, power generation, firearms, plastic & rubber extrusion, medical, defense, automotive, jet turbine fuel systems etc.

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Get High Quality Extrusion Parts at Nominal Rates

No matter, whether you are looking for parts related to mining, packaging, agriculture, textile, automotive or any other, you can now order them all online. However, the company you order them from must be proficient in certain analytical techniques and must be equipped with the adequate infrastructure to ensure high level of precision in offered parts. Otherwise, a small defect in the measurement of a part can cause a loss of billions of dollars.

Hire a Company which Can Deliver Accurate Extrusion Parts

The main mantra behind manufacturing an accurate and durable part depends basically on how well a company can analyze raw materials and measurements of the extrusion machines or part to be developed. Unfortunately, most companies available in this line of business do not have any solid mechanism to test and take right measurements.

On the other hand, there are a few companies available who invest heavily in sophisticated X-Ray fluorescence equipment. It basically allows you to test any metal alloy instantly and analyzes the raw materials used in it. They also use other innovative and tested metallurgical analysis techniques to ensure that the parts they develop are correct in terms of precision and durability.

By doing this type of analysis, they ensure that produced products are as per standards of high quality. Extrusion parts go under a tremendous amount of force on a regular basis and so use of raw material may lead to inconsistent production, premature errors and even breakage of the part. So, hire only a professional engineering company for all your precision parts related requirements.

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