For professional repair of gearboxes and manufacture of idler rolls

The capability for producing precision parts and simultaneously carrying out intricate and complex repairs on units such as gearboxes comes with vast experience and an excellent infrastructure. There are competent engineering houses such as Precision Parts Inc (PPI) that have enormous resources in terms of the best machines and trained manpower. Such companies can therefore undertake intricate tasks such as gearbox repair and melt pump refurbishment and at the same time can also undertake the bulk manufacture of idler rolls and aspirators, ceramic guides and texturing jets, thread up tools and interlacing jets. This is possible because PPI today is a frontline engineering company with ISO 9001 2008 certification. It has excellent Computer Numerical Control machines and all other facilities that will ensure the production of the best quality products for its customers.

PPI needs to produce a large range of idler rolls for its clients. The range includes a variety of specifications such as 04-403 and 02-305or 06-013 4”. It produces 02-246 idler rolls with a shell diameter of 40 mm. PPI, therefore, can meet all requirements of idler rolls and any of the parts that are necessary for the textiles industry. It can produce separator roll and miniature idler rolls besides the Universal Idler Mount and Roll among several other similar parts of a complex nature.

Gearboxes take on large loads of machinery. No company can therefore afford to keep long periods of downtime due to unserviceable gearboxes. PPI has the entire infrastructure to pick up the damaged gearbox in 2-4 hours and service it in record time. This service is available throughout the year around and round the clock. Gearbox repair has been carried out by PPI since long. The specialty offered by PPI is in the use of the best spares such as bearings and seals.

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