Quality Testing For Heavy Metals

Metallurgical analysis is one of the most important tools of modern day engineering. You cannot manufacture any engineering product without possessing the capability of analysing raw materials and confirming that the raw materials are those that are needed for creating the product. Metallurgical analysis is an exact science and in order to have this capability, precision engineering companies such as Precision Products Inc have invested in sophisticated X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) equipment. This equipment can test any metal or alloy in a matter of seconds and you are able to find out the exact content in a non- destructive test or NDT. This tool can also be used to test a product with equal ease. The capability is invaluable since if important parts are made of the wrong material a failure can result. Such a failure can have catastrophic results as in the case of aircraft or missiles and rockets or similar munitions.

PPI has the capability of metallurgical analysis that includes heavy metal testing. Heavy metals are elements such as lead or arsenic. Certain customers would like to ensure that the products do not contain heavy metals. The company offers certifiable metallurgical testing including heavy metal testing for its customers. This testing can be carried out by the XRF equipment just about anywhere since the device is portable. This service is economical and due to the machine’s portability the testing can also be carried out at your facility for the testing of large samples. The equipment has a large database of more than 350 standard alloys. It can also give a detailed elemental analysis of an alloy that may not be in its database. These outputs are admissible in a court of law and the operators are trained adequately to offer you complete assistance.

For more details please visit : http://www.ppiparts.com


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