CNC and Extrusion Machines are a Vital Part of Operational and Manufacturing Industry

It is when we go wrong, a machine reminds us and show how powerful they are. In today’s society, everything is dependent on machines. From sewing to creating an atom bomb, all is an outcome of machines. With an advent of industrial revolution, there has been a manifold increase in the usage of machines.

Precision Products Inc (PPI) is a reputed organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying the best grade machine parts. This organization understands the importance of machine in a business and that of machine parts in a successful operation of machine. Located in Dalton, United States, PPI has been offering some of the most precisely designed and long lasting machine parts.

CNC Turning is one of the most vital operation, which is performed in various organizations, in which a pointed cutting tool is fed parallel to a surface being rotated. Accomplished using a dual axis machine, this method is widely used in multiple high end machine designing. Done using various forms, including tapered turning, spherical generation and hard turning, these operations are very precise to be done.

Not only this, but PPI is also catering to the requirements of various organizations of multiple industries. They are also engaged in offering the best grade extrusion machines. These machines are used to push or pull a material in such a way so as to shape it into a die of a continuous length of product. Setting a preset cross section, these machines are used in industries including metallurgy, automobile, defense and various others.

So, if you also possess any requirements related to best grade machine parts, Precision Products Inc is undoubtedly the best place to visit.

Avail the Best-in-Grade Spare Parts for your Machines and Grow your Business to Manyfolds

Headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, Precision Products is one of the most trusted and reputed names engaged in offering the best quality machine parts. Operating since 1993, this organization truly understand the importance of machine’s spare parts such as fare parts, mackie parts, jack shaft, bearing, seal ring and many others in operating a machine. All these products are offered as per the stated requirements of clients. Making quality checks at various levels makes this organization capable to provide high grade product range.

Working with a team of trained professionals, Precision Products has been catering to various industries, such as, marine, agriculture, aerospace, construction, defense, printing, transportation and numerous others. All these professionals work in close coordination among each other so as to ensure that clients are delivered as per their stated requirements and that too within stipulated time frame. Not only production, but these professionals provide a thorough instruction to operate the machines and also provide post sales customer support.

This organization is based on a very basic principle of producing high grade products alongside rendering unbeatable service and exceptional customer support. This makes them stand apart from their competitors in this domain. Adding to this, their offered fare parts are manufactured using stainless steel alloy, which makes them durable, corrosion resistant and gives them longer service life. Adding to this, their entire product range is manufactured ans stored in tunnel hill in Georgia only. Not only this, but their offered entire spare parts range including mackie parts is reckoned for toughness, custom design, performance and most important cost effectiveness.

High Precision Machining and Production of Extrusion Parts

Production of precision engineering parts is a highly skilled job. There are only a few qualified professional companies such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) that have the resources and capability to manufacture precision parts with the required durability while meeting OEM specifications. These resources and capabilities include high precision machining and turning operations besides excellent metallurgical resources that enable reverse engineering of parts using non-destructive testing.

PPI today manufactures diverse precision products for different industries. Its customers include the textiles industry besides numerous other industries. PPI has been involved in the manufacture of machine parts for the largest extrusion companies in the carpet industry since 1993. It manufactures an entire line of extrusion die parts. These include parts for popular extrusion lines such as parts for Sidel, Barmag parts and parts for Fare, Filteco and Reiter among several others.
What makes PPI an ideal supplier of extrusion parts that include parts for Sidel, Fare, Filteco or Barmag is that PPI is well known as a quality producer of extruder parts for the industry. Although one can buy these and other parts from online it is always advisable to place orders with a supplier whose credentials are established. Besides, PPI has qualified and experienced engineers and machinists to ensure that the products you buy meet the specifications exactly.

The company uses quality machines that enable high precision machining of the required standards. These machines include the latest equipment from Mazak and Fadal that are capable of holding tolerances down to +/- 0.0003”. In order to meet specific machining requirements PPI also uses Mikron high speed hard milling machine that is able to machine hard tool steels. It also has two high-end Mazak multi-tasking machining centers that offer the functionality of a horizontal milling machine along with a traditional turning center.

Top Quality Texturing and Interlacing Jets Available with Premier Engineering Company

Leading manufacturers of precision products in the US such as Precision Products Inc., (PPI) are well known for manufacturing products for the textiles industry since 2000. These products include not only texturing jets and interlacing jets but also aspirators, ceramic guides, idler rolls and thread up tools. PPI has been producing texturing jets for single step extruders of carpet face yarn as well as automotive fabrics and upholstery.

All texturing jets are 100% inspected for the compliance of 35 critical features. It is this rigorous quality control program that has prevented PPI for shipping any parts with dimensional failures. Each jet is also engraved with its own serial number. This number can be used to track down the part to its original measurements. Customers can therefore return their jets for a thorough inspection and each jet is measured and a detailed report issued.

PPI manufactures replacement jets for all major extruders. PPI also manufactures a wide range of interlacing jets used in the air entanglement of CF and BCF yarn. The interlacing tack jets are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 2008 certified process just as the texturing jets. The life and durability of these jets is superb and they also cost less. When you purchase these interlacing jets in bulk you can avail discounts too. Along with custom interlacing jets, PPI also provides a full line of Temco jets. The custom jets are made from high speed steel alloy. This ensures that they are durable and do not have any fragility issues. The custom tack jets are generally unbreakable and in tests have survived drops of more than three feet.</div>

Excellent Capabilities in Metallurgical Analysis Including Heavy Metals

Top precision engineering companies such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) cannot be constrained due to lack of resources. This is because the work of PPI involves not only the manufacture of durable and highly intricate parts but also a fair amount of reverse engineering. During this process the engineers will need to find out the material used in the original product that has to be copied. This requires an excellent backup in terms of facilities for carrying out metallurgical analysis.

Such a metallurgical analysis laboratory must be able to conduct non- destructive tests (NDT) to confirm that the material has identical properties as compared to the original part. This ability is very important especially in the case of customers such as aerospace and defense since the failure of a part in the air can have tragic consequences and hence is unacceptable. The capacity of conducting metallurgical analysis is therefore critical for any machine shop for the purposes of safety, performance and liability.

PPI has invested in sophisticated X-ray fluorescence equipment (XRF) for metallurgical analysis capability. With the XRF one can test virtually any metal or alloy in a matter of seconds and determine the exact content in a NDT. The XRF is also capable of carrying out heavy metal testing.

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and others are identified in heavy metal testing. Since the XRF is portable it can be used effectively to test large samples for easy and fast alloy identification. The results are admissible in a court of law and the device can identify more than 350 standard alloys besides giving detailed elemental analysis of alloys not held in its database.

Enrich Your Knowledge Towards Metrology Subdivisions

You need to be aware of science of measuring, while focusing towards machine parts. It will include the core subjects of practical and theoretical aspects of measurements. This science is going to deal with both the theoretical and experimental determinations at the uncertainty level. These are associated with technology and science, along with proper mingles of both. The ontology along with VIM is properly managed by the JCGM, and the final results are maintained by eight different international organizations.

Focusing towards the subject

Whenever the main area relates with Metrology, you are mainly dealing with a vast subject of your choice. In order to make the subject readable, it is broadly divided under three basic and major activities. However, there is a considerable amount of overlapping just in between the activities. According to some, it can be stated as a proper definition of accepted measurement units, where else; for others, this subject is going to talk about the realization of the measurement units in practice session.

Last but not the least

Apart from the points mentioned above, you can even go for the application of chains, under the zone of traceability, related with linking measurements. These are made in accordance with the reference standards, which can act in your favor. There are three basic sub-fields, which you might come across, while dealing with High Precision machining, under this subject. Those three options are legal metrology, fundamental or scientific segment and technical, applied or industrial subjects. These are some of the most proficient services, which can act in your favor.

EDM Drill Offers You With Non-Traditional Techniques

Electric discharge machine can well be stated as spark machining, at some point of time. This can be easily stated to be a manufacturing procedure, where you can avail the desired shape as obtained through proper use of electrical discharges. Materials are primarily released from the work piece with the help of various rapidly recurring discharges, taking place between electrodes. One of the most promising examples is going to be a tool electrode, which plays a significant role, in this segment. Another one can be well defined as work piece electrode.

Works of 4th axis EDM

EDM can be defined as a machining method, which was previously used for different types of hard metals, and it becomes quite difficult for the machines, with traditional technicalities. The 4th axis EDM mainly works with those section of materials, which are known for their electrical conductive method, even though the methods are associated with insulating ceramic structure. These procedures can even be used in order to cut intricate cavities or contours in certain pre-hardened steel, without the heat treatment need to re-harden and soften the texture.

Included in other options

Apart from the traditional services, you can try and go for the non-traditional group of machining methods. These EDM Drill machining structures are going to focus towards the ECM, AWJ and laser cutting solutions. These are mainly opposite to the conventional group texture, such as milling, turning, drilling and grinding. The material removal mechanism can be stated as an essential based structure, on the mechanical forces. These are some of the points to jot down.