Top-Notch Quality Replacement Temco Air Jets Offered by PPI Parts

Precision Products Inc. has been a key manufacturer and supplier of highly advanced machine parts to yarn and filament industry. Established in 1993 at Dalton GA for providing services to textile machine part needs of carpet industry in Tunnel Hill in the state. The company has since continued to be active to provide replacement parts to OEM standards to prominent extrusion lines. Also, referred to as PPI Parts, the company, though undergone major augmentation a decade ago, employs 40 % of its manufacturing capacity exclusively to meet demand of synthetic fiber industry.


To face the task of developing and fabricating complex machine parts, the company made heavy financial investment in acquiring latest machines and, simultaneously, build human technical resources to manage latest production strategies. PPI Parts created a vast machining capability that allowed it to provide professional services to extrusion machinery including Gearbox Repair, Metering Pump Rebuild, Extruder Feed Throat Repair, Laser Alignment of the Extruder Screw, XRF Metallurgical Analysis, The company offers an array of Spinnerets, Idler Rolls, Winder Assemblies, Godet parts, Traverse Cam, Texturizing Tack Jets, and many other quality parts to well-established textile machine line up. Indeed, PPI Parts has come out as a leader in providing replacement parts and specialized services to the major extrusion companies.
PPI Parts offers a broad variety of air interlacing jets. Made to OEM specifica

tions, the interlacing jets used in air entanglement of BCF and CF yarns, cost 15-30 % less to that of OEM part. Moreover, because of superior material selection, these jets have long life and practically unaffected by mishandling or abuse. The company offers full line of Temco Jets, ensuring high quality standards. Besides the company also provides custom jets as needed. The replacement air jets the company makes available fit extrusion lines, such as Neumag, Barmag, Filteco, Plantex and STP/Impianti.




PPI Parts Provides Cost-effective Durable Temco Jets & Tack Jets Range.

Precision Products Inc. is a key supplier of highly sophisticated machine parts to yarn and filament industry. Since 1993, the company has been actively manufacturing a broad range of textile machine parts for famous extrusion lines. To meet the challenge offered by intrinsically designed machine parts, the company introduced state-of-art machines, human resources, and latest production techniques. The company has emerged as a leader in replacement parts and specialized services for established extrusion companies in the field of the carpet industry.

Precision products Inc., also known as PPI Parts, offers a broad range of Tack Jets needed for air entanglement of BCF and Continuous-Filament (CF) yarn to texturized yarn. In the texturizing process, a CF yarn undergoes significant physical changes as it gets coiled, crumpled or looped along its length. A Tack Jet employs compressed air blown into a chamber that causes the loose length of filaments to spread apart and form entangled random loops. Tack Jets offered by PPI Parts are highly durable as made of high speed alloy steel. They are equally easy to handle, unlike ceramic jets, those are fragile and can get damaged easily. Even if dropped by an operator from a height of 3 feet, the PPI’s Tack Jets are sure to survive. A Tack Jet undergoes various stringent quality tests, a hall mark of PPI Parts. The company maintains an extensive inventory of interlacing Tack Jets and also a complete range of Temco Jets for many popular lines such as Barmag, Filteco, STP/Imianti and Plantex, as well custom jets, when needed. PPI Parts made air jets cost 15-30 % less than OEM parts with 100% functionality.

Highly Versatile & Heavy Duty Track And Rollers Made By PPI Parts

As the machining applications base is widening, so is the demand for sophisticated machine parts. Such machine parts require exact specifications and accuracy and can only be fabricated using high-end machines. Who has not heard that better machine parts make better machines?


With that in mind, Precision Products Inc. was formed in 1994 in Dalton GA. Initially focused on producing reliable replacement parts for the textile industry, the company diversified later to include newer technologies. This enabled the company to produce sophisticated machine parts for other industries whose dependence on such parts is crucial. The company takes pride that there is no machine part that they cannot make. This excellence is the result of their constant endeavor to strengthen its machining base by acquiring latest machines while paying equal attention to develop human, technical resources. The machine parts made by PPI Parts often exceed OEM standards.

Among a large number of machine parts being produced by PPI Parts, track and yoke rollers have a distinct place due its quality and versatility. Track and Rollers consist of single or double row units with a thick outer wall that supports axial stress in both directions, as well as, high radial loads. Yoke Rollers are single or double row units fitted on studs. With a thick-walled outer ring, yoke rollers have a profiled outer surface. They come with a hole through the middle. Yoke Rollers support high radial and axial loads caused due to misalignment Parts manufactures ready to mount rugged track and rollers intended for a long life-cycle. PPI Parts is a certified company that observes rigorous quality standards at each stage of the production process.

Precision Products Inc. Is A Leading Extrusion Machines Parts Manufacturer.

Precision Products Inc., aka PPI Parts, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of high-quality intricate machine parts. The company not only design and fabricate specialized machine parts to given specifications but also reverse engineer and make specific machine parts from customers to remove structural or material imperfections. The parts developed and produced by PPI Parts, exceed the expectations of clients. The company believes that better machine parts make a better machine for better probability.

Since its existence in 1994, PPI Parts concertedly keep on adding newer technologies and latest hi-tech machines to achieve a unique position among leading machine parts suppliers. The machine parts produced by PPI Parts invariably surpass original requirements and tolerances. This has been made possible by use of state-of-art machines for CAD/CAM Designing, CNC Milling and Turning, EDM drill with 4th axis freedom, EDM hole popper, XRF Material Testing and Laser Measuring and Alignment systems.


Idler Rolls are crucial for yarn and filament extrusion machines. They are required to perform at a high speed of above 15,000 rpm. Idler Rolls thus need high-quality bearings and labyrinth sealing. Large idler rolls (also known as tension, separator or pin rolls) contain high precision/high-speed ball bearings rated at 30,000 rpm continuous operation. The shells of Idler Rolls is fabricated using the latest CNC machines to ensure accurate dimensions and concentrically. Since Idler Rolls rotate at very high rate, its balancing is a crucial factor. PPI Parts has dedicated facility for the balancing of the shell. PPI Parts certifies every Idler Rolls for the perfect balance. To ensure durability and proper grip at start up, all Idler Rolls are chrome plated with a matte finish. PPI Parts offers a broad range of Idler Rolls to fit famous extrusion machine lines such as Filteco, Barmag, Neuman, Reiter, and Plantex. The company also offers custom Idler Rolls according to the application.


PPI Parts Offers Industrial Grade Gearbox Repair & Rebuilding Services.

Precision Products Inc., is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated machine parts and components needed as replacement of OEM parts. The company attained this pole position due to insistent hard work and keeping abreast with newer manufacturing techniques. The company, also known as PPI Parts, since three decades of its existence, has focused primarily on acquiring state-of-art machines and strengthening its technical knowledge base. PPI Parts has created a broad machining base equipped with an outstanding collection of CNC machines with 4th axis and 5th axis capability, EDM Drills with 4th axis and EDM Hole Poppers, to name just a few. PPI Parts, based on their machining capabilities, offers a variety of quality services to its customers in areas including Extruder Gearbox Repair, Metering Pump Rebuilding, Extruder Feed Throat Repair, Interlacing Jets Calibration, XRF Material Testing, Laser Itching, and Industrial Metrology.


Extruder Gearbox is an important power transmission device that drives the extruder barrel. It is a complex system, made of high strength hard material gears and shafts for long life. Gearbox repair is accompanied by prolonged shut-downs of the industry. PPI Parts understands this situation well, and as soon as an extruder gearbox is received, their experienced engineers assess the best course of repairs. They use advanced metallurgical tools and test every gear and shaft to ensure the replacement parts should be of OEM quality and hardness. PPI Parts have the capability of handling replacement gears up to 102-inch diameter and can heat treat or carburize it for a longer life. The company services a broad range of gearboxes up to 750kW. The gearbox repair is not only economical than opting for a new one, but also faster too. During repairs, the company also attends other related issues concerning shaft, bearings, and the housing of the gearbox to give you 100% process availability. PPI Parts operates 24/7 emergency service for quick response for short turnaround times.

PPI Parts Furnishes Cost-Effective Extruder Gearbox Rebuilding Services.

A Gearbox is essentially a power transmitting device. It transmits power in a controlled way of working of machinery in heavy industries. A gearbox is a crucial component and with time shafts and gears do wear off and become deficient in efficiency. With proper machine parts, gearbox repair can bring it to its original state. Rebuild gearboxes are about 40 percent cheaper than purchasing a new one and substantially reduce the turnaround time that affects the productivity.

Precision Products Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium machine parts for hi-end Industries,offers its specialized services for the gearbox repairs and extruder gearbox rebuilding. The company’s vast machining capability, acquired through an array of the latest computer numerically controlled machines, enables it to undertake the job. The company’s professionals inspect and decide the best procedure to follow extruder gearbox rebuilding. If cannot attend on-site, the defective gear box is usually picked up within 2-4 hours, and every possible effort is made to minimize the downtime. Also, known as PPI Parts, the company services a range of gearboxes up to 750kW. PPI Parts tests every shaft and gear using state-of-art metallurgical analysis tools.


gearboxdraft-isoThe company ensures that a replacement part must have the required hardness and conform to OEM quality standards. PPI offers replacement gears up to 102-inch diameter and can heat treat or carburize it for long gear life. As the company operates a full-service machine shop, other related problems with the shaft, bearing or housing repairs can also be attended. It takes about 5-7 days for a standard extruder gearbox rebuilding those have no gears involved and 6-14 days with gears. PPI Parts also offers new replacement gearboxes from four major manufacturers. When your gearbox needs attention, you can count on Precision Products Inc. for assistance.

From EDM Drill to CNC Milling, Everything Is Possible With PPI Parts

A quality of a machine is determined by the parts that are assembled in it. Basically, the high-quality parts played an important role in the proper functioning of a machine, as they strength the machine, improve its efficiency and result in enhanced productivity. Concisely, a good machinery is always a major reason for a success of a manufacturing business. Therefore, it is essential to use the finest machine parts for obtaining good productive results.

Knowing the importance of high-grade machine parts for the industries, the company named, Precision Products Inc., is engaged in designing and manufacturing the high-quality machine parts. Also popularly known as PPI Parts, it has a huge record of developing and supplying the tough and efficient machine parts. To fulfill the immense demand of quality machine parts, the PPI parts offers a wide range of machine products and services that include EDM Hole Popper, EDM Drill, Idler Rolls, Die Parts, Laser Alignments, Melt Pumps, Interlacing Jets, XRF Testing and much more.

Among all these products, the EDM Drill is one of the most demanding products. As the client’s requirements are always the priority of the company, they design and developed the products according to the stated needs of the clients. Moreover, to preserve the client trust, the company made available all the products to their valuable clients within the deadlines. As PPI parts focus highly on the quality of the products, they follow all latest quality standards while developing an ample range of their product. Additionally, all the products are properly checked on the prevailing quality parameters before delivering to the clients.

PPI Parts Manufactures High-Grade, Heavy Duty Track And Rollers For Various Industrial Applications

Precision Products Inc., manufactures and supplies high precision-machined products to various industrial sectors. Also, known PPI Parts, the company designs and produces intricate machine parts those exceed the expectations of clients. The company believes that the best machines are made up of high-quality machine parts. It is a constant endeavor of the company to deliver the best-quality parts to exact specifications and accuracy. PPI Parts prides in the fact that there is no machine part that they cannot re-engineer. The company, founded in 1994, has been introducing newer technologies and hi-tech machining process to achieve a unique position among leading machine parts suppliers. The machine parts produced by PPI Parts invariably surpass original requirements and tolerances. This has been made possible by use of state-of-art machines such as CAD/CAM Design, CNC Milling and Turning machines, EDM drilling machines with 4th axis freedom, EDM hole popper, XRF Material Testing and Laser Measuring and Alignment systems.


Among various specialized parts being produced by PPI Parts, Track & Rollers, and Yoke Rollers have a distinctive place. Track and rollers, consist of single or double row units with thick outside wall, can support axial forces in both directions as well as high radial forces. They come with radial ball bearings, or tapered roller bearings, designed to withstand extreme operating conditions. Track rollers are available with stud type or yoke type bearings in a variety of body profiles. PPI Parts produced track and rollers & Yoke Rollers that are wear resistant, rugged and intended to provide the users considerable economic benefits.

PPI Parts is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company that maintains rigorous standards to deliver the finest products. With hi-tech material testing facility, the company ensures that its clients get best-quality machine parts. It is due to the confidence exhibited by the customers, many industries with hi-end requirements have been utilizing machine parts produced by the company.

High Precision Cam Follower & Bearings Are The Best Manufactured By PPI Parts Only

Precision Products Inc. is a reputed and trusted company that offers sophisticated machine parts to a host of global industrial leaders. The company established 1993, also referred to as PPI Parts, excels in designing and fabricating intricate machine parts to prevailing OEM standards. The company achieves this perfection by making use of state-of-art machines including CAD/CAM designing, CNC milling and turning lathes, CNC multitasking machines EDM hole drilling machines with 4th axis facility and 5th axis milling, X-ray fluoroscopy (XRF) for elemental analysis of alloys and laser alignment system for alignment and concentricity. PPI Parts undertakes fabrication of custom machine parts, even if require reverse engineering. The parts produced for clients are reliable, accurate and tough to keep their machines running. Among the offered range cam follower bearing, yoke roller, cam followers, texturing jets, idler rolls and multiple others are offered.


PPI Parts manufactures a full line of cam follower bearings, whether needle or cylindrical, to suit specific applications. Cam follower are compact bearings with high-rigidity suitable for linear motion of automated machines. These are a specialized type of rollers that come in a vast array of different configurations. These bearings are widely used in various sectors, including agriculture, automobiles, defense, mining, medical and numerous other related industries. Made of quality materials, these bearings can bear heavy loads and have longer service life.

PPI Parts ensures that each part conforms to given specifications. The company maintains rigorous quality control program based on ISO 9001-2000 standards. A team of dedicated mechanical engineers interacts with the customers for a better understanding of their requirements and their specific needs and the feedback. No doubt, the final product delivered by PPI Parts exceeds the prevailing company standard.

PPI Parts Idler Rolls For Spinning Extrusion Machine Are Of An Excellent Quality!

Idler Rolls are an important part of yarn extrusion machines. The rolls need high-quality bearings and labyrinth sealing. The most critical aspect is its balancing as it turns at very high speeds, akin to more than 15,000 rpm. Precision Products Inc., engaged in manufacturing of idler rolls since 1993, is a leading supplier to melt spinning and yarn texturing industry. Its vast experience in the field of yarn handling machinery has made the company a trusted name as the provider to many big carpet yarn manufacturers.

Precision Products Inc. is a reputed organization which is employed in production and manufacturing superior quality machine parts. The company is backed by a team of mechanical engineers who are well reckoned for their thorough knowledge of this domain and have a well-versed experience of this industry.

To maintain accurate dimensions, the company well known as PPI Parts fabricates the shell on the latest CNC machines to ensure concentricity. Every Idler rolls are certified for its perfect balance. Large idler rolls (also known as tension, separator or pin rolls) contain high precision/high-speed ball bearings rated at 30,000rpms continuous operation. To ensure durability and proper grip at start up, all rolls are chrome plated with a matte finish. Precision Products Inc. offers a broad range of idler rolls to fit famous extrusion machine lines such as Filteco, Barmag, Neuman, Reiter, and Plantex. They company also custom built Rolls to given specifications according to the application. In a different trade-in offer, the company offers up to $ 100 credit, depending on size, on old PPI made idler rolls.